Founder and President of Dennis Cramer Ministries, Dennis Cramer is endorsed as a Proven Seer, Published Author, and Bible Teacher in great demand worldwide. Clearly gifted with the supernatural ability to hear from God, this servant has blessed thousands with his down-to-earth, yet extremely accurate style of prophetic ministry. Dennis conducts schools of prophecy and schools on the nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit in local churches worldwide. For nearly forty years, leaders in ministry, business and government receive him as a true prophet to the nations. Dennis also sits on the “Apostolic Team” of numerous churches and para-church organizations.                                                                                                                                                             


Prophesy for Crossroads Alliance Church

by Prophet Dennis Cramer

2003 – The Lord would say, I have called together an unusual people, electric in nature.  The Lord says I did it, I brought you from the North, South, East and West, it wasn’t your idea.  You were gonna go here and you were going to go there, you would have planted yourself here and there, but I brought you here, in this place, and unusual mix but a mix that pleases Me says the Lord, and today marks a new beginning says the LordI say to my sons and daughters to put the past behind you, says the Lord, close the door of issues of olden times, the Lord says this is a new day right now here this very hour, and the Lord says to confirm to you the beginning of a new day.  I have spoken to My messengers, I have addressed My Angels this day before My throne and I have said to them, begin to run to and fro, go from here in Ebensburg, go from Ebensburg back to Me and report, says the Lord, of the new thing and give Me a good report of that which I am doing in My people, says the Lord.  For this day I commission My Angels to you, and to you, and to you, for many of you are warring warfare unnecessarily, so I’m gonna send today a heavenly host who will begin to war on your behalf, and they shall slay the dragon, and they shall destroy My enemies, and you shall rejoice at that which my heavenly hosts perform. So rejoice and relax and worship Me, worship Me.  Behold, behold Me, for you shall become whom you behold.  For this is my church, I bought it with My blood and indeed there is power in My blood this morning.  My Angels shall resolve for the generational issues in your familes, they shall cut off at the neck generational curses and spirits even you who struggle with family issues and family turnmoil and family strife.  I am breaking off generational curses off of you this morning and I through my Angels shall resolve issues that were never resolvable before, and My Angels shall visit your employers.  The place where you work, and new favor shall be given you in the workplace, promotions and raises shall come, My Angels shall speak to those who sign your paychecks.   And the Lord would say today, I turn the faucet on in this place of finances shall abound, finances shall abound, finances shall abound.  For I am a generous God.  Says the Lord!


2006 – And there will be a day says the Lord, when this house of God will prosper, even explode with growth and the Lord says the sign out front is not big enought, it’s even in the wrong location.  No wonder nobody comes here, they can’t find you.  The Lord would say I want you to build a bigger and better sign, people can see it, and I want you to put a light on it day and night, and I want you to put a American Flag up, and I want you to have a light on that flag.  The Lord says, I want it to be a house of Patriotism, and also a house where the Light shines.  The Lord says, I’m gonna bring people out of the woodwork, I’m gonna bring them out of the woods, and the Lord says oh, they’re gonna come with all kinds of problems, but you woman of God, and others like you will put them back together again, so your best days lie before you says the Lord, do not be discouraged about those who have grown up and gone out into the harvest, the Lord says a new crop is coming, diapers and bottles, diapers and bottles, diapers and bottles, diapers and bottles, the Lord would say, get ready, get ready, for the best days lie before you says the Lord, God  Bless You!