To all who participated in the Angel Tree, andthe food/clothing drives,


     This has been an expecially difficult year, as I had great concern that the program I have taken great comfort in establishing, to assist families and their children in dire need of redirection, would be terminated due to the ignorance of politics.  I was given three months to restructure the program, or the program would no longer exist.  Please understand that families and children referred to my program are in dire need of a touch  from God. They are brokenhearted and desperate for a new beginning, however, they have lost the willpower to seek a new way.  Through my program, these families and children are given a new lease on life and all who have participated in the Angel Tree and the food/clothing drives have been instrumental in providing these families and children with a touch from God.  Christmas, is by no means to be about gift giving, however, did not God give all of us the ultimate present, if we just choose to believe.  It is with great humbleness, that I personnally thank all who have given of their heart, time, and monies, to provide hope to my families and children who would otherwise have had no Christmas this year.   

                                           May God Bless all of You!                            

                                                     Kathy Scaife